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Checklist for House Cleaning Services

Keeping a house clean is no joke. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep it free from dirt and debris. To lessen daily house cleaning tasks, you can follow some house cleaning essentials. It is best if you keep a house cleaning checklist in your kitchen so that you can do the necessary house cleaning activities efficiently. Below is the house cleaning checklist you need to accomplish to have a clean house.

Make sure that there is not much dust on top of your furniture and beds. Dust all surfaces. Hand wipe and dust top tables and chairs. Dust door panels, ceiling fans, and lampshades. Empty all trash containers.

Do not forget about your floors and walls. Vacuum your surface and vacuum the baseboards as well. Get rid of crumbs, dust, and food crumbs on your countertops and kitchen tiles. Take care of stains on your cupboards. These stains might be the remnants of previous meals or drinks that spilled on your surfaces.

House Cleaning Services

For buyers, ask your house cleaning services provider about cleaning materials. There are different cleaners available in the market. Ask your service provider what is best for the area where you plan to live. They should be able to give you an estimate based on the demands of your home buyers.

The basic house cleaning task is to wipe down all surfaces, including your appliances, countertops, floor, windows, and glass cabinet doors. Remember to remove stains and spills immediately. Then, get all cleaning materials ready. Your buyers will love to see shelves and cabinets looking brand new.

Look for Tips

Do your homework before you begin. Look for tips online that help you to clean dust from surfaces with ease. If you have blinds, it is a good idea to remove them periodically to get rid of built-up dust. If you do not want to use chemicals to remove dust, then try cleaning with a dry cloth. Use soft-bristled brushes to clean high traffic areas.

When it comes to sinks, you can expect your house cleaning services provider to clean them as needed. Some sinks are made of stainless steel while others are laminate. Laminated sinks are easier to clean. You will likely be charged more if you have to change out the sink. For large kitchens, it is recommended that cabinets and drawers are cleaned separately.

house cleaning services

Before you remove items from the cupboards and shelves, you should also check if the items are in working order. A house cleaning checklist helps you identify any problems before they become major obstacles in completing your job. You should also checklists for removing items from inside drawers and cabinets.


It is necessary to remove clutter and small appliances from surfaces before you clean the entire house. This prevents buyers from noticing small objects that can be hazardous in case of a fire. A house cleaning checklist provides you with an easy way to identify and remove trash and debris from your house. Remove trash from the kitchen and bathroom floors. Sweep countertops and tops and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from sinks and countertops.

For hard to reach areas, it is a good idea to use vinegar. Mix vinegar with water and spray it on hard to reach areas such as cupboards. Clean and scrub your countertops with a mixture of vinegar and water. Vacuum the dirt and dust from the tops of drawers using a vacuum cleaner.

Final Touches

A housecleaning service may suggest using warm water to clean hard floors. However, keep in mind that warm water can cause damage to wooden floors. A better alternative is to use a mop with mild soap and a soft cloth. Use the soft cloth to scrub and wash the floors, and then return them to the warm water. Dry the floors completely before moving onto the next one.

The third part of a house cleaning service checklist is to thoroughly clean the kitchen and bathrooms. Vinegar is a great way to remove stains and odours in these areas. Use the vinegar solution as a house cleaning brush. Scrub kitchen cabinets and bathrooms using a toothbrush and vinegar solution.

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