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Strata Cleaning sydeney are dedicated to clean, and make your home designed like green environment, Strata Cleaning sydeney is Ready to clean your home at 24/7 time without delay in work. Strata Cleaning sydney home cleaning work will meet your satisfication.

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Strata Cleaning Sydney

Overview Of Strata Cleaning Sydney:


Strata buildings have several tenants each with their own apartment. Cleaning them is a combination of residential and commercial cleaning. Most areas are private property, but some are common areas to all and shared by several individuals these areas need at least as much maintenance as any other cleaning situation to keep the tenants satisfied with immaculate building conditions. Maintain the look and the value of strata buildings by keeping them like new.

Services For Strata Cleaning Sydney:

Strata Cleaning Sydney Vacuum common areas, hallways, foyers, public stairways … etc.

Strata Cleaning Sydney Lift cleaning.

Strata Cleaning Sydney Fire stairways cleaning.

Strata Cleaning Sydney Bathroom and laundry cleaning, replacing soap, paper … etc.

Strata Cleaning Sydney Railings, windows, ledges, skirting boards, patios … etc.

Strata Cleaning Sydney Car park and garage cleaning.

Strata Cleaning Sydney Bin and Waste disposal.

Other Strata Cleaning Sydney Services:


We can provide service for individual apartments, buildings or single areas. Strata cleaning services can easily and cost effectively be included in our schedule. Strata cleaning services can be arranged around, monthly, fortnightly weekly or even daily schedules.