End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease CleaningEnd of Lease Cleaning

We guarantee 100% of your Bond back

Moving house is always a difficult task. Even if you hire professionals, you still need to put a lot of effort in organising your new house, furniture, appliances etc. You also need to consider taking your bond back from your real estate agent. In that situation A1 quality cleaning can help you out.

Employ a cleaning service and reduce the stress of moving out. Leave your former property in better condition that when you moved in.

We will take extra care in cleaning the areas such as kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms to ensure that you will get your bonds returned in full. All you have to do is grant us access to the property and we will take care of the rest.

Our Standard check-list includes the following


im11 Clean Interior/exterior cupboards
im11 Clean appliance exteriors
im11 Clean Range hood
im11 Clean Stovetop
im11 Sanitize Bench tops
im11 Scrub and clean Sink/taps
im11 Mop/vacuum all floor surfaces
im11 Washing of internal windows


Cleaning of bedrooms/living areas:

im11 Clean Interior/exterior wardrobes
im11 Clean Skirting boards/architraves
im11 Clean and wipe Door trimmings and handles
im11 Vacuuming/mopping of floors and carpet
im11 Clean mirrors
im11 Dust and clean all window sills
im11 Cobwebs
im11 Washing of internal windows and frames


Bathroom/ laundry:

im11 disinfect and clean Toilet
im11 sanitize Vanity/basin
im11 clean Interior/exterior cupboards
im11 clean Splash back
im11 Clean mirrors
im11 Scrub and clean Shower/shower screen/bath to remove soap scum and grime
im11 Clean Sinks/taps


Spring cleaning


Since many people are working these days, lots of individuals do not have enough time or energy to keep cleaning their home. It is unpleasant to see your messy and dirty house after finishing a hard day’s work, hence a professional cleaning service is all you need.

A1 Quality Cleaning is the right choice for cleaning your home. We are an outstanding cleaning services company, reputable for our high quality work. Our residential cleaning service covers all parts of your house or apartment.

Come back to a home so clean you won’t want to leave. We can look after every aspect of your house, from unacknowledged grime built up over years of neglect to the daily effects of household traffic. Hire our services and bring your home back to the clean state it was always meant to be in.

im11 Vacuuming/ mopping of floors or carpets of all areas
im11 Cleaning and scrubbing bathrooms until everything shines
im11 Cleaning kitchen sink, bench tops, stove and cupboard surfaces
im11 Damp mopping or polishing kitchen floor
im11 Removing cobwebs
im11 Vacuuming / mopping all traffic patterns
im11 Damp mopping hard floor to remove any spillage on soiled areas


Windows Cleaning


Absolutely Better Cleaning is specialised in cleaning internal or external windows of domestic or commercial buildings.

Not only do we make your window glass sparkling clean, our professional approach on window cleaning ensures that every single part of your windows will be cleaned thoroughly. Absolutely High quality Cleaning does not follow any dodgy ways. We always provide the best quality service – in addition to cleaning the glass, we also clean the window frames, fly screen, window tracks, skylights, glass awning, etc.

The following areas are covered in our standard window cleaning services:

im11 Window Glass cleaning
im11 Window frames cleaning
im11 Fly screens cleaning
im11 Window tracks cleaning


High pressure cleaning

Using hot water and with many tools available, we will get the job done. Most exterior surfaces, in domestic premise, can be cleaned effectively. You may be surprised at what our experienced team can achieve; even older walls that have been dirty or coated in soot for years can be refreshed and renewed.

Pressure cleaning is ideal for removing a variety of dirt, stains and debris, from grease to moss to caked-on dirt and ‘mystery grime’. If you’ve tried to remove the dirt from your walls, floors and paths before and haven’t had any luck with chemicals, don’t give up- let the expert pressure cleaners in Sydney at A1 quality Cleaning serve you. You’ll love the results! This service is excellent for preparing your property for sale, getting ready for an important occasion, or just getting the place looking as neat and clean as possible.

Wondering whether pressure cleaning is right for your property? Even if you have delicate brickwork, tiles, pavers or concrete surfaces, we may be able to assist you. Its simply a matter of adjusting our approach and using the right combination of equipment. Here are some examples of surfaces we’ve cleaned for our happy clients:

im11 house washing
im11 roof & gutter cleaning
im11 pool areas
im11 driveways and paths
im11 boat ramps
im11 fences
im11 brickwork
im11 surface sealing
im11 solar panels