Carpet steam cleaning


Absolutely high quality Cleaning provides in our professional carpet steam cleaning service. Steam cleaning is one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods as it delivers results in an efficient and environmental friendly way.

Employ a cleaning service and reduce the stress of moving out. Leave your former property in better condition that when you moved in.

Carpet is normally one of the important and expensive furnishings. It provides comfort and better living environment for your home. However, to always maintain carpet in a tip top condition requires a lot of effort. When you accidentally spill drinks or food on it, you may spend the whole day cleaning it without getting rid of the stains.

To solve your problem in a professional manner, we are here to help you out with ease.

All our professional carpet cleaning services are available on request and can be included in all End of lease clean packages as well as other services can be served as per customer request.

Office & Bank cleaning


A1 Quality Cleaning understands the cleaning problems that office and property managers face today. We are well trained and equipped to address all of your small office cleaning issues. Our goal is to exceed your cleaning standards and let you focus on your business rather than the dirt on your office floor.

We understand that a clean office service can bring substantial benefits to your business environment. Your staff will be able to concentrate better and your clients will be impressed and have a positive view towards your business.

Our A1 quality cleaning offering small office service is dedicated to providing immaculate cleaning using environmentally safe methods. Our experienced team members always aim to cover every part of your office, even though you may not pay attention to at all, observe every aspect of your property and report to you about the areas you should keep an eye on.

With our small office cleaning service you need never worry about any cleaning issues for your business again.

With small office cleaning Sydney we understand how to minimize disruption that can have a negative impact on your business. We can arrange our cleaning periodic or regular visits on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis that integrates seamlessly with your business requirements.

Strata cleaning

Strata buildings have several tenants each with their own apartment. Cleaning them is a combination of residential and commercial cleaning. Most areas are private property, but some are common areas to all and shared by several individuals these areas need at least as much maintenance as any other cleaning situation to keep the tenants satisfied with immaculate building conditions. Maintain the look and the value of strata buildings by keeping them like new.

Our A1 Quality cleaning can provide the following strata Services:

strata-cleaning-sydney Vacuum common areas, hallways, foyers, public stairways … etc.
strata-cleaning-sydney Lift cleaning.
strata-cleaning-sydney Fire stairways cleaning.
strata-cleaning-sydney Bathroom and laundry cleaning, replacing soap, paper … etc.
strata-cleaning-sydney Railings, windows, ledges, skirting boards, patios … etc.
strata-cleaning-sydney Car park and garage cleaning.
strata-cleaning-sydney Bin and Waste disposal.

We can provide service for individual apartments, buildings or single areas. Strata cleaning services can easily and cost effectively be included in our schedule. Strata cleaning services can be arranged around, monthly, fortnightly weekly or even daily schedules.

Roof Cleaning


Do you have a dirty roof or moss/fungus growth? Then you need A1 quality roof cleaning.

We offer leading roof cleaning services that are guaranteed to have your tiles brimming with sparkles from sunlight. Our industry-recognised professionals have access to leading products which help with all types of issues.

We can provide complete roofing services to ensure that your roof is not hampered by unwanted wear and tear or growth. Moss or fungus can damage the quality of your tiles, so it’s important that you act on it right away by giving a call to us.

Over the phone you can provide us with the details of the problems that are threatening your roof’s quality, and we can give an immediate answer as to which of our roofing services will best suit your needs.

When we come to your home, we will thoroughly clean tiles before providing services like coating applications. If it’s a fungus you have that is growing across the tiles, we can use a fungicidal cleanser to ensure that it is removed completely. It is designed to weaken the attachments of liken and moss.

Our roofing services will have your roof looking clean and proper very quickly. Neighbours will look at your roof with envy after we are finished, because that is what A1 quality roof cleaning is all about, providing roof cleaning solutions that exceed expectations.